Cha Kula crossword puzzle - Route to Food
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Cha Kula crossword puzzle

Cha Kula crossword puzzle

If you’ve had a chance to read our third issue of Cha Kulayou’ll see we challenged you to a crossword puzzle. The clues are tricky, so try not to cheat! But, if you get absolutely stuck or manage to complete, you can find the answers below. Bahati njema!Answers


4 Hybrid 

6 Maize 

7 Till 

9 Devolved 

10 Indigenous 

14 Arabica 

15 Zenith 


1 Weed

2 Symbiosis

3 Quasi 

5 Hegemony 

8 Locust 

11 Depot 

12 Ginger 

13 Cartel


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