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The Route to Food Alliance 1st Annual Meeting | Keynote Speech by Prof. Michael Fakhri

Alliance building amongst civil society actors and citizen initiatives is an important approach to addressing some of the socio-economic, political, and ecological challenges facing Kenyans. Within the global food sovereignty movement, alliances such as La Via Campesina , have demonstrated that bringing together different actors to address a particular issue is a powerful approach to bringing about change.

The Route to Food Initiative (RTFI), inspired by the potential of collective action, has invested in the formation of the Route to Food Alliance. Since 2016, the Alliance has made achievements in highlighting issues to do with food insecurity, unequal power-relations, and the protection of farmer and consumer rights. It has also promoted a rights-based approach to hunger and champions agroecology as a political, social and farm-level response to chronic food insecurity. The Alliance has grown to more than one thousand members from all corners of Kenya. These members have actively participated in various initiatives and activities organized by the Alliance over the years, further cementing its impact and influence.

In a significant development, the Route to Food Alliance recently organized its first annual meeting, bringing together members from different regions of the country. The event was graced by the eminent Prof. Michael Fakhri, the Right to Food Special Rapporteur, who shared invaluable insights as the keynote speaker. This event marked a significant step in the Alliance’s journey, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among its diverse members.

You can find the keynote speech here.


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