Toxic Business

People around the world, people in Kenya, people like you and your family, are probably eating toxic pesticides that endanger your life.

Poor diet is the second leading risk factor for death and disability worldwide. When you think ‘diet’, you also need to think how your food is grown. This will tell you that pesticides are in fact, part of your diet.

Many pesticides are proven to cause cancers, heart disease, breathing problems, infertility and brain damage in children.

Food is a big source of our health problems. It is also the solution, because healthy diets can prevent illness.

There is hope. Kenyan MPs are considering a petition to withdraw the most toxic pesticides from our country (see petition here).

Play your part in ensuring the safety of your food, engage your MP on Twitter, Facebook or however you can, and urge him or her to support the petition. We’re using #ToxicBusiness.

Watch the videos below by Africa Uncensored to see how pesticides are used in Kenya. And, if you want to get technical on the topic, read this research paper (it’s short, we promise)

Food Right Debate

Debates spark thoughts. Thoughts spark action. That is what the Kenya National Debate Council (KNDC), aimed to achieve with the food rights series of debates and public speaking. The event brought together a diverse group of panelists, debaters and public speakers from different universities in the country with the aim of discussing topics pertaining to the Right to Food. Some of the these included “Street food is a necessary evil” and “Consumers in Kenya can change the food system for the better, if they vote with their fork.”

This year, the debates and public speaking challenges were published on Facebook. People online were able to share their opinions on the winning teams, before the judges adjudication. It was clear that the conversations ignited fire on the need to realise the Right to Food and for government action to better respond to current realities of hunger, the cost of food, declining biodiversity and climate change.

The collaboration between KNDC and the RTFI is inspired by creating a platform for young people to learn, reflect on critical issues affecting society and their future, in a manner where a variety of perspectives are aired. The views shared in the debates are those of the speakers. We look forward to more in 2021!