Human Right to Food in Kenya | Constitution of Kenya – Route to Food
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The Route to Food is an alliance working to realise the Human Right to Food in Kenya.

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Understanding food insecurity

Constitution of Kenya

Our Perceptions

How we think about the problem, is part of the problem.

Food security in Kenya

The Ongoing Problem

The people that suffer from routine hunger, are not part of the solution to the problem.

Human Right to Food in Kenya

The Government of Kenya

There is a gap between legislation and action.

Human Right to Food in Kenya

Structural and Technical Issues

Food security goes beyond issues such as gender inequality, infrastructure, irrigation, post-harvest management, climate change and so on.

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What does the right to food mean to Kenyans?

Join the Route to Food Alliance

Joining the Route to Food means you are part of an initiative to realise the Human Right to Food in Kenya. As a member of the alliance you endorse the Route to Food Pledge.

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