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Privacy Policy

Route to Food Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy confirms that your information belongs to you: we won’t sell it to anyone, nor will we use it to spam you.

Route to Food is committed to the privacy of your Personal Information. Your information is yours – always. We will collect the minimum amount of Personal Information necessary to allow you to engage with the initiative. Our team is bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations that align directly with this Privacy Policy. They are given access only to the information they require to fulfil their responsibilities. This Privacy Policy describes and explains what Personal Information we collect, how we use it and how we protect it. “Personal Information” means any information, which identifies you or that you have sent to us, or information that when linked to other information, can personally identify you.

What Personal Information does Route to Food collect and how is it used?

Route to Food Alliance registration information:

Name, surname and email address so that we know whom you are and that you’ve joined the alliance. We also ask you about which town you live in and for some demographic information. This is so we can make sure we’re reaching individuals who have an important role to play in realising the Right to Food in Kenya. We may use your email address from time to time to get in touch with you about Route to Food news and activities. Please be assured we will not email you often. When we email you, if you do not like our email, you can unsubscribe.

Contribution information:

Information we collect when we receive your contribution to the Route to Food. Name, surname, email address, social media names and the files you send us as your contribution. This includes your sender information and the content of the message. We use this information to communicate with you if necessary about your contribution, or to process your contribution as explained on the contribution page.

We may use your email address from time to time to get in touch with you about Route to Food news and activities. Please be assured we will not email you often. When we email you, if you do not like our email, you can unsubscribe.

Does Route to Food ever share my Personal Information to third parties?

We disclose your Personal Information only to our Authorised Service Providers with whom we contract to assist us. We make use of Authorised Service Providers to host and run our servers, send emails and manage contributions or Route to Food event correspondence. They process your Personal Information strictly in accordance with our instructions and for the purpose for which such Personal Information has been disclosed to them. They will always be under obligation to protect your Personal Information on terms that provide the same or equivalent protection as set out in this Privacy Policy.

In the instance, where your contribution to the Route to Food, is such that you’ve agreed to sharing your Personal Information with others (for example if you’re an academic or a researcher) then we will do so, as you’ve given us permission.

Will Route to Food ever sell my Personal Information?

No. We collect and use your Personal Information only as set out in this Policy. Your Personal Information remains exactly that – yours.

How does Route to Food protect my information?

We use a combination of technical, procedural and operational measures to keep your information safe and secure.

Does Route to Food use Cookies on its website?

Unless you have disabled Cookies in your Internet browser, we will store Cookies on your computer/device when you visit our website. These Cookies (small text files containing a string of characters) enable us to recognise you as a returning visitor, track your usage behaviour, as well as store your user preferences and other information. We do this to remember information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you visit the Website. Cookies also allow us to provide custom, personalised content and information, monitor the effectiveness of our communication campaigns, monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and pages viewed.

Can I correct my Personal Information?

Yes. You are able to ask us to correct Personal Information by emailing We will require that you verify you are in fact the owner of such Personal Information.

Can I remove my Personal Information, withdraw a contribution I’ve made or leave the Route to Food Alliance?

Yes. If you wish for your Personal Information or any contribution you’ve made to be deleted, or if you would like to stop being part of the alliance, you may give this instruction via email on

Can Route to Food change its Privacy Policy and what happens if it does?

Yes. We may change our Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify you of any lessening of your rights or our obligations regarding your Personal Information before such changes are made. We will post the new policy on the website and if it has an implication on how you’ve engaged with the Route to Food that you are not happy with, you can email us on and ask to change how we interact with you.

Who should I contact if I have any comments, questions, concerns or complaints?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us on